About Us

Started in early May 2018,  we had our soft launch at the Geylang Serai Bazaar, with a booth size of only 81 sqf, with only 1 main griddle, of 24",600x400mm, 1 freezer and chiller, on a average volume of 160 KG of beef cubes daily and 6 working staffs. We managed to secure many spotlights from the media, getting top listed “MUST TRY” food in various food blogs, shout out from many celebrities and influencers. During peak periods, our waiting time could go up to 1.5 hours, queue poles were extended to ensure crowd control within our limited premises. Our stocks are delivered daily, and sold out by the end of the day, with operation timing of 12pm - 12am. Beef Bro aims to be the best blow torch grill in Singapore and strive to target overseas market in the near future. We ensure to uphold our quality of food and services, maintaining its core standards and continue monitoring strict controls over our 100% Halal ingredients.